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As stated – this festival features some, not all, of Australia’s artists….It’s a pretty simple idea and it’ll do. At this stage, it’s a fairly Sydney-centric first attempt at what we hope will be a bi-annual “umbrella” event and target for artistic endeavours, exhibitions, launches, artistic relationship counselling and ideas (both good and bad).

My name is Glenn “Glenno” Smith and I’m the curator of this thingo. After a drunken pun made a few of my mates smile, the “Bein’ Narly” idea started as a group exhibition, and now this more elaborate festival. I’ve been paying the rent for a while now as an art mercenary – keeping busy, taking on all sorts of commissions and loving the challenge. Sydney is not a cheap, easy-living paradise but those that do hustle food into their bellies (while staying creative) are a cool, resilient bunch. I count many of my friends as fellow free-lance or part-time art-fiends and this festival is my love letter to them to decorate and deface.
Bein’ Narly?
That sounds a bit like Biennale! Are you taking the piss?
The answer is yes… and no. It certainly does piggy-back the actual Sydney Biennale like a flea on a dog’s back but it’s real purpose is to serve as a convenient, memorable date on the calendar for artists, that are generally not in the sort of spheres that Biennale artists float about in, to aim towards. It’s not sport or big business, but this is an inclusive idea that we hope practicing artists and creatives will use and abuse  – as well as Sydney in general to embrace.
This festival is un-apologetically D.I.Y. – arts and craft, folk art (art that folks like) irreverent and heartfelt (low-brow if you like) and just fun in general. The core of this festival is a handful of amazing sponsors – no government funds – no waiting for things to magically happen – no huge axes to grind – some small but strong venues – a few volunteers and a whole heap of focussed enthusiasm.
More importantly, this will happen in another 2 years time (2020), so please consider yourself warned. Consider it a reasonable deadline for that project that needs to be finished, that film, book or whatever that needs to be launched. That weird idea that needs to be fleshed out or about time you did that “thing.” I hope the tendency of lone-wolfish art-types can transform into some rampaging art-packs and make something happen in that 2 year space of time. Make some new art and make some new friends. Feel free to keep in touch via the website and hope to see you around the venues.
Glenno (and his enablers)